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Book Hangovers Book Confessions #5

February 26, 2018

Recently, I read a book called Tower of Dawn, which got even better than the last book. The last book was phenomenal, but for this one to get even better is amazing! Now, judging by this title you can tell I'm in a book hangover. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s when you finish a book and can’t get over it. I typically have to reread the book again which is rare for me but if I don’t reread it again if feel like I can’t move on. It feels like I’m talking about a breakup, which essentially I kinda am. But, it’s a breakup with a book. Book hangovers are the absolute worst thing that can happen to a reader.  It’s extremely frustrating because it seems like I can't find an amazing book to get into ‘cause I'm hung up on the last one. Every book I come across I find myself comparing it to Tower of Dawn. I'm not saying that those books are bad because I'm sure they're amazing but it's just that time where I can't read. This year I have read the least amount of books EVER. It's very depressing. It's not like I don't want to read because I desperately want to. Just to demonstrate how much I still want to read, from the library I check out about 10 books each week but out of them I'll maybe read one. Two if I'm lucky. I’m absolutely hopeless in this situation.




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