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Taking A Book With You-Book Confessions #3

December 5, 2017

Everywhere you go you need one book. It's a fact at least for me. If I'm going to a party, school, or shopping a book needs to be there. At the least I would read it on the ride to my destination at most I'd bring it in with me to read. Sometimes I bring 2 or 3. You know just in case I don't like the first book. There's always, always a backup. You may never know when that book can come in handy. A book could one day save your life. Who knows, what if someone comes up to rob you and oh look you have a handy dandy book to just smack that person with. Very convenient. A book is my source of entertainment. It keeps me busy. My dad sometimes gets annoyed when I'm reading a book in the car and tells me to look outside. I look outside and guess what I see? Cows, grass, corn, corn, corn, oh look there's a truck. Its boring outside like what's there to see nothing. So I turn back down to read. And sometimes look outside occasionally to make it seem like I'm looking outside. Now it's been passed down to my sisters who now bring books with them too. And it will further be passed down as my legacy.

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