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The Issues with Unhooked

September 21, 2017

So, Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell retells the classic tale of Peter Pan. The story follows a young girl named, Gwendolyn, who is forced to move because of the monsters her mother claims are following them. Though, Gwen believes her mother is just imagining it, it's isn’t until one night she is whisked away by strange shadows to a mysterious island known only as Neverland.


The story is tempting to read, but once you begin it doesn't feel like a flowing steady retelling.


There is the first matter of characters and their general point in the story. Gwen (I guess) was our Wendy, but as hard as the author tried most of the time Gwen was just a damsel in distress blaming everyone for something. Good thing she blamed herself for some of the most pointless deaths. Olivia, her supposed only best friend, is completely useless to the entire plot of the story. Not only was she annoying, but so pathetic. I understood that she had forgotten everything (that's what Neverland does to outsiders) but she was just an annoying jealous girlfriend. The lost boys made no sense, the authors attempt to create some sort of reaction from the reader failed; their deaths ineffectively moved the reader. Lastly was Peter Pan-not once did I feel sorry for him. Every good book has to have a villain that one can hate to love; if that makes sense. With this Peter Pan there was not once where I didn’t want him to just drop dead. He felt no where near human, nothing about him could I the reader relate too, he was just there as a hated man with weird ruins and flying powers.


Then there was the pace of the whole thing. The beginnings pace was alright, some points I was frustrated because the details were excruciatingly long and conversation were dreadful. Though towards the end the author seriously rushed everything. And once the climax came everything felt like a fast forward montage.


*Warning: This part contains spoilers for Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell.*

Let's also discuss the whole point of the book . Gwen’s main mission that revolved the entire story was to find Olivia and get out of Neverland. What happened, she lost Olivia (she basically shattered, plus forgot everything and straight up died on the island). Yay! Good job, friend of the year?!?! Plus, to top it off, she blew up the island (it was worded differently, but it basically just started to crumple and sink).

*End of spoiler.*


I will give it some points though. Captain Hook was the best character in this whole book and the only reason I finished it. The world building was alright, fairies gave a bonus as well. I rate this book 2 stars out of five, with an extra .5 because I truly liked Captain Hook.



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